Create recipes like a chef

Would you like to enjoy the challenge of creating a recipe at home?

Check out the recipes of the department’s restaurant chefs in video format.

Bon appétit!

More solidarity – for restaurateurs

How would you like to enjoy restaurant-quality dishes at home?

Your Loir-et-Cher restaurateurs offer a variety of delicious dishes to take away. How can they be identified? By the logo , indicated in the restaurant contact information sheets on the Saveurs41 map.

Bon appétit!

Apples, pears and seasonality!

Eating fruit and vegetables is good for you! Eating local and seasonal fruit and vegetables is even better!

You can find a seasonal fruit and vegetables calendar in the menu and the fruit and vegetables calendar section on Saveurs41 


Saveurs 41 has had a makeover

With a new structure, new design and new features, Saveurs 41  has been upgraded to provide improved browsing comfort and to make your searches easier.
In addition to food industry producers and artisans, you can search for the best restaurants in the department and keep Saveurs 41 ready to hand on your smartphone or tablet!

To be consumed without moderation !


Organic Farming

Organic farming is a production method that combines best environmental practices, respect for biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources and the assurance of a high level of animal well-being.

Throughout the sector, operators engaged in this production and processing method meet strict specifications that favour non-polluting procedures that respect the ecosystem and animals. This production method excludes the use of GMOs and limits the use of inputs. It focuses on the use of natural and renewable resources in the context of locally organised agricultural systems, and strictly limits the use of synthetic chemicals.